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Why You Should Hire a Live Band

As we have been working with clients on wedding receptions since 2008 and are on track to hit 100 of them sometime soon, we have formed a few opinions about the experience. For most of our clients, the first and biggest decision is the venue. The venue sets the tone and environment for the overall experience. We have played all kinds of venues throughout the Carolinas and into the border areas of Georgia and Virginia. We are able to perform comfortably in most venues. Some of them are formal, others are casual, some are convenient, others out of the way. Most of them are logistically manageable for a band except for the roof leak over the stage that we once experienced.

For guests, the two other factors that matter the most are the food and the music. Most of us aren’t chefs but we know good food. But music is a different matter. For music, DJ’s– who provide recorded music– are the default for most wedding receptions. Some of us who play in The Herringbones Band have done both– for a while simultaneously– played in a band and worked as DJ’s. For that reason we know that there is no real comparison between a wedding reception which features a live band vs. one with a DJ only. The energy, the flexibility, the relationship that’s built with the guests– live music provides an experience which can’t be matched by even the best DJ. That’s why we work very hard to provide a value proposition so our clients can “trade up” to live music at a very reasonable cost. DJ’s provide not only music but serve as the Master of Ceremonies and other services, but when it comes to the music it’s all the same– aside from the occasional mix it’s all the same. It’s recorded music produced primarily form listening.

As a live band, we understand that a few slight variations in a song– the key, the tempo, the bass line, the accents on a snare or hi-hat– profoundly affect the energy and danceability of the song. Sometimes the differences are so nuanced that the crowd does not hear it but they can feel it. It makes them want to get our of their chairs and dance or sing along. If the dance floor is full we can repeat a verse or a chorus to keep the moment going longer. It’s just a different experience altogether. 

If you have been to a wedding reception with a great DJ and one with a great band, you know the difference. At your 20th wedding anniversary, when you think back on your wedding reception, it’s not likely that you and your friends will fondly remember the DJ, regardless of how good that person is. But there is a great chance that you will remember a great band — YOUR band– who brought energy and a unique experience to that very important day in your life.

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